Places to See Dubai Skyline & Skyscrapers
13th September 2022

Some describe Dubai as a futuristic city, while others categorize it as the hub for luxury and tourism. But, one thing that makes it the most attractive and unforgettable experience is the stunning Dubai Skyline. With the perfect blend of nature and futuristic architecture, the city offers one of the best views of iconic places. If you are visiting Dubai, don’t miss out on watching the most beautiful skylines in the world. This article covers the list of best places to witness the beautiful Dubai Skyline view.

Best Places to See Dubai Skyline
Although Dubai is filled with incredible spots to enjoy the great view of the city, there are some perfect sights to make them more beautiful.
1. The View at The Palm
A visit to Dubai is incomplete without seeing the artistic beauty of The Palm. What can be better than watching it from The View at The Palm? Situated at 240 meters high, The View on the 52nd floor of The Palm offers panoramic, 360-degree views of Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf. For an even better experience, dive into AURA Skypool: the highest 360-degree swimming pool in the world. If you want to have a good time with loved ones, head to the elegant View Lounge, where you can enjoy delicious cuisines while looking at the gorgeous city view. Cost: To enjoy the stunning Dubai Skyline View at this iconic place, you can buy General Experience tickets starting at 100 AED for adults and 69 AED for kids or go for VIP Experience with tickets of 325 AED for adults and 145 AED for kids..
2. Burj Khalifa
Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa offers astonishing views of downtown Dubai and the beautiful skyline. Located at the heart of Dubai, Burj Khalifa provides different viewing options. Starting at the 124th and 125th levels with a viewing deck, you will get one of the best 360-degree views of Dubai. And if you can afford the premium tickets, you should go to the top floor on the 148th floor of the building. The top level will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the best Dubai skyline viewpoint and the world’s highest observation deck. Cost: The standard ticket starts from 80 AED for the panoramic view at the observatory deck, while the premium ticket for the top floor starts from 389 AED.
3. Dubai Frame

Built as a link between old Dubai and new Dubai, this iconic structure frames the impressive views of both sides while acting as a symbol of connecting the magnificent present with the rich past of Dubai. Dubai Frame provides a gorgeous panoramic view of the city with a beautiful skyline. The fun does not end here, as you can walk across the top at the 48th level and learn about the evolution of Dubai: Past, Present, and Future. When you take the elevator, you will get a jaw-dropping view of both new Dubai and old Dubai. The top floor might not be the highest, but you can get spectacular views of iconic places like Dubai Creek and Burj Khalifa.

Also, you can take selfies with the iconic buildings in the background, have some coffee at the mini cafe inside and enjoy the beautiful sight of the illuminated dancing musical fountain in the front. Filled with knowledge and entertainment, Dubai Frame is indeed one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Timings: 9am-9pm
Cost: Adult- 50 AED and Children (3-12 years) - 20 AED

4. Dubai Creek Harbour

Are you looking for a budget-friendly place with a beautiful view in Dubai? Well, check Dubai Creek Harbour. This place has no entry fee, and you can watch the spectacular sunset as it descends near Burj Khalifa over the water. With the various restaurants, children-specific play areas, boat rides, and unique installations nearby, you can have a good time with family and friends. Dubai Creek Harbour might not be one of the most prominent scenic places in Dubai, but still one of the best places to capture the stunning skyline view of the city. Timings: 8 am - 11 pm

Cost: Free Entry

5. Level 43 Sky Lounge
Situated on the 43rd floor of Four Points by Sheraton, Level 43 Sky Lounge is a fun place to have a good time with friends. This rooftop bar offers a spectacular panoramic 360-degree view of Dubai Skyline directly from the centre of the busy Sheikh Zayed Road. Level 43 Lounge is a perfect blend of good vibes, music, and stunning views. During the day, it offers incredible views of the most beautiful places in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah beach. Timings: 2pm-2am
Dubai is a perfect blend of nature and modern architecture, making it one of the favourite places for everyone. Especially the beautiful skyline of Dubai, which captures the tourists' heart; to admire this view, you should head to the places mentioned in the list. We hope this article will help you to see some marvellous views of Dubai Skyline.

Places to See Dubai Skyline & Skyscrapers

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